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Open Source HardWare

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About This Course

The course focuses on the following:

  • The definition of Open Source and its basic terms 
  • The rise of the open-source hardware revolution and how it impacts science
  • The identification and exploration of the advantages of joining the open-source scientific community for both research in general, and, most importantly, equipment and instrumentation development
  • The evaluation of free and open-source licenses
  • The encouragement of sharing and bolstering the intellectual commons
  • How to use, design, and troubleshoot scientific tools using open-source microcontrollers through hands-on experience by executing corresponding online experiments

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What you'll learn

  • Identify value and importance of open source in the industry sector
  • Exploring in detail open-source environment with minimum previous electronics experience and be able to understand the basics of open-source microcontrollers
  • Access to sophisticated instrumentation with the benefits of sharing designs helping further accelerate research
  • Get well into a project of your own either in precision agriculture, or smart energy buildings, or smart city domains
  • Engage in promoting open-source best practices
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  • Module 1: Online open source hardware platforms
  • Module 2: Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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